Sandy Alderson Addresses Alonso, McNeil, Bullpen

By Mets Daddy

June 12, 2018 No comments

Drew Smith/Photo by Jennifer Nieves

As he usually does, Sandy Alderson spoke with the media at length regarding issues related to the Mets as well as how the team is handling different players and prospects.

With the Mets releasing Adrian Gonzalez, Las Vegas first baseman Dominic Smith was called-up to the majors.  How long this will last is anyone’s guess as Alderson said of Smith, “This may be a short-term proposition for Dom. It may be a longer-term proposition. We just thought this was an appropriate time.”

With Smith getting promoted, the obvious next question is what are the Mets immediate plans with Binghamton first baseman Peter Alonso, who has been tearing up the Eastern League.  With Smith no longer blocking his position, it should come as no surprise Alderson said promotion Alonso “has definitely been considered. It’s very possible he will be moving soon.”

Part of the reason for the promotion would be Eastern League teams are beginning to pitch around him, which Alderson notes is not helpful in his development.

Aside from the first base issue, there is also the issue of how the Mets will be structuring their major league bench in the short and long term.  For those expecting Jose Reyes to be designated for assignment to clear the way for another prospect like Jeff McNeil, you are going to have to wait longer.

At the moment, Alderson does not believe any of the Mets minor leaguers present an upgrade over Reyes.

With respect to McNeil, Alderson does not seem as sold on his play as he is Alonso’s saying, “Similar to Alonso, probably the next step for him is a possible promotion [to Triple-A] and that’s something we continue to consider. … We need to see more.”

While Alderson needs to see more from McNeil, one area of the farm system he doesn’t need to see more from before giving praise is the bullpen.

Specifically, Alderson cited Eric Hanhold and Drew Smith as two relievers who are performing well and could help the Mets bullpen in the future.

Overall, Alderson left the impression Smith may be the first domino in a number of moves aimed to not just improve the Mets roster, but also to put its prospects in better situations to develop.