Syndergaard Adds Sterling Award To Cabinet After Return To Citi Field

By Former Writers

September 28, 2013 No comments

syndergaard by KM

Noah Syndergaard was at Citi Field earlier this season for the Futures Game — where he looked very impressive in his short time on the mound. I was already in love with him as a prospect before I saw him on the mound at Citi Field — an actual glimpse into the future — and he made his return to Citi Field last night to receive a Sterling Award. If you missed the announcement of Sterling Awards, you can read up on that right here. Syndergaard was given a co-award for Binghamton with closer Jeff Walters.

The dominant young pitching version of the Norse God Thor, Syndergaard is figuratively knocking on the door to Citi Field — since the main entrance doesn’t actually have a door. So what did he have to say about the steps he needs to make before that eventual call-up?

“I feel like right now I have a plus fastball with the command to go with it, and a plus curveball,” Syndergaard said Friday at Citi Fiel , where he received a Sterling Award as the top performer with the B-Mets. “Right now, I’ve shown pretty good signs of improving the changeup. I just don’t throw it that often. There are certain situations where I really don’t need to throw the changeup.

He even threw in a compliment to Glenn Abbott, the B-Mets pitching coach, when discussing the development of his change-up:

“That’s something Abby [Binghamton pitching coach Glenn Abbott] and I worked on in Binghamton — no matter if you don’t need it, you’ve still got to develop it. That’s the big picture. You don’t want to pitch in Double-A or Triple-A. Ultimately you want to pitch in the big leagues.”

The bottom line is that Syndergaard is close — and his fastball/curve combo is absolutely devastating. I can’t wait for the day when he makes his MLB debut — which will almost undoubtedly be during the 2014 MLB season. A healthy Matt Harvey could find himself surrounded by Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard as the Mets look to put the entire NL on notice with a revamped and homegrown rotation.

(Photo Credit: Kelly Madden)