Syracuse Will Be Mets Triple-A Home Through 2043

By Mets Daddy

September 25, 2018 No comments

Lindsay Kramer of the Post-Standard reports the New York Mets and Onondaga County have reached a verbal commitment for the organization to extend the agreement to keep the Triple-A affiliate in Syracuse from 2025 to 2043.  This verbal agreement is contingent upon the c0unty making $25 million in renovations to the existing NBT Bank Stadium to outfit it with fan amenities and to help upgrade a ballpark ranked the worst in the International League.

Currently, the plan is to secure $8.5 million of the funding through bonding.  An additional $3.6 million is anticipated to be provided from the county and the Mets from revenue stemming from the naming rights deal which is set to expire in 2025.  Ononadaga County Deputy Executive Bill Fisher anticipates the State of New York will provide the remaining $12.1 million required to complete the project.

Once the funding is in place, it is anticipated the verbal commitment will be formalized in a lease between the Mets and the county.  The proposed lease will split the first $3.6 million in revenue evenly.  In the event revenues surpass $3.6 million, the Mets will agree to supply additional funds into the stadium improvement pool.

Overall, after spending the last six seasons in Las Vegas and the desperately need in updating Cashman Field, it appears the Mets will have the updated and close to Flushing Triple-A home the organization has needed.  The only thing left to figure out from this point is what exactly this new Syracuse franchise will be called.