Tebow To Remain In Binghamton For Now

By Mets Daddy

July 8, 2018 No comments

Photo By Logan Barer/MMO

Currently, Eastern League All-Star Tim Tebow is on a hot streak hitting .371/.391/.484 over the past 18 games.

Despite this hot streak and the injuries Las Vegas outfielders this season, the Mets organization does not intend to call Tebow up to Triple-A. Still, that does not mean the Mets aren’t happy with what they’ve seen from him.

As John Ricco, one of the Mets acting three assistant general managers, said, “The thing with him all along was going to be Father Time and whether he has long enough window in order to make this happen but he’s trending in the right direction. Every month it seems he gets better and better and I know he made the All-Star team and I know that that’s exciting. At Double-A, he’s more than holding his own. He had more hits last night and I think it’s a great story.”

Still, even with Peter Alonso and Jeff McNeil being sent to Triple-A despite being two of the best hitters in Double-A, the Mets have not completely ruled out Tebow getting called up to the majors this year.

On the subject, Ricco offered, “We haven’t really talked about that,” he said. “It’ll be something I talk with J.P. and Omar about and then we’ll see where it goes.”

Overall, while there seems to be increased chatter and belief Tebow will be called-up to the majors, it still remains a remote possibility.

With the Mets having purchased the Syracuse Triple-A franchise, it’s quite possible the team wants Tebow to headline the team and serve as a draw to make their first season in Syracuse as successful (and profitable) as possible.

That becomes more difficult once Tebow is put on the 40-man roster. The reason being is this offseason, with the Mets signing players, making trades, and adding players to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 Draft, they’ll need as many 40 man spots as possible. Having Tebow on the roster well in advance of needing to add him needlessly complicates things.