Tim Tebow Enjoying Florida State League, Columbia Youngster Notes

By Michael Mayer

July 12, 2017 5 Comments

Tim Tebow wasn’t very good in Columbia. He slashed .220/.311/.336 in 64 games. Still, the Mets promoted him to High-A St. Lucie.

Since going to St. Lucie, Tebow has slashed .318/.412/.500 his first 14 games and has reached base all 14 games he has been there.

He also currently has a nine-game hitting streak..

Of course, the sample size is very small and he still has a long way to reach the major leagues, but this is awfully impressive for someone to post this kind of slash line given how little he has played since high school.

It’s tough to say whether or not he will be in the majors but I have seen crazier things happen. Best of luck to him though, he is certainly showing something.

Speaking of Columbia, the Mets have two young and promising hitters at that level. Those two are Desmond Lindsay and Andres Gimenez. Both were highly regarded and both have shown a lot.

Desmond Lindsay, is hitting .201/.323/.370. So I know what you are thinking, how has someone hitting .201 shown a lot? Well, it shows a lot about a young hitter that he is struggling but he still finds a way to hold his own in that league. Many players who hit .201 do not have a very high OBP or manage to produce as a league average hitter.

He has a 103 wRC+ in the league and he has an incredible eye at the plate. He has been much better since June 1st and should only continue to improve. He has a incredibly quick bat and a short stroke.

Andres Gimenez is hitting .264/.324/.340. That might not look so impressive but it is when you remember he has never played stateside until this year. The Mets surprised him with a promotion to Columbia in late April and he has done nothing to make them regret that decision. He has a good glove and he has a quick bat and could rise up prospect rankings very quickly.

His numbers are better than Amed Rosario‘s at this same level and he skipped Brooklyn unlike Rosario. I personally love Gimenez a ton. I consider him a top-3 prospect and in my opinion, he is the second most untouchable prospect in the farm system.

While he plays shortstop, there is no reason he will not be able to transition to second going forward to accommodate his bat into the same lineup as Amed Rosario.

Photo by Ed Delany

  • Jason Mercado

    Tebow has been a surprise and it was nice hearing All-Stars talk about how they are rooting for him.
    Lindsay & Gimenez should both be untouchable. Both would look nice in a lineup in 2020 with: Conforto, Smith, Rosario & Nido

  • Adam Smith

    Lindsay’s recent surge has been a very promising development for a system woefully short on high-end position prospects. He’s battled injuries (he’s a Met, after all) since he was drafted, and perhaps we’re. Ow seeing him healthy and relaxed. I’m especially happy to see the power he’s suddenly showing. I’d love to see a scouting report on how he looks defensively. Giminez tore up the DSL last year, and it was great to see the org challenge him (at 18 years old, I believe, and fresh off the, er, plane) with the aggressive full-season assignment. Here again, I’d love to get a full report on how he looks in the field. That will say a lot about his big league future. But he’s certainly holding his own with the bat against older competition.

  • Rocky Thompson

    Tim Tebow has a history of playing better when he is on a Florida team. It might be necessary to trade him to the Rays or the Marlins if Tebow is going to have a successful major league career?

  • MetsNextYear

    Is this serious?

  • Rocky Thompson

    5% serious, 95% not serious.