Tim Tebow: Goal Is To Be A Major Leaguer

By Mets Daddy

February 8, 2018 4 Comments

Last night, Mets minor league outfielder Tim Tebow made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  During the interview, Tebow discussed the Super Bowl, fan tattoos, his foundation, and his baseball career goals:

The quote that is grabbing the headlines is Tebow’s saying, “The goal is to get the majors for sure.”

Likely, this quote is grabbing headlines because many see Tebow as a side-show.  In the interview, Tebow acknowledges people don’t believe in him, but the 30-year-old is out to prove everyone wrong. To that end, despite being 30 years old, a Heisman Trophy winner, and a first round pick of the Denver Broncos, Tebow is just like any other minor league player.

If Tebow does want to make it to the Majors, he is going to need to make significant strides over his 2017 season.  He will soon get the chance to prove himself all over again as the Mets invited him to Spring Training as a non-roster invitee.

  • Dbom

    Hmmm, I wouldn’t bet against the House on this one.

    (hint: they named insane comebacks after him after one 3/4 season as a starter…TebowTimeRedux baby!)

  • Marjorie

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  • Buddy3

    Sandy didn’t sign him to play in the minors. He is a fan draw and he will find his way to NY as a backup outfielder by 2020 season at the latest. Assuming he starts at PSL this year and gets promoted to Bingo by the end of this year, the path to NY is clear. He will put fans in the seats and that is what it is about for any business. It is nice to be a baseball purist, but teams don’t pay broken down pitchers like Zack Wheeler $1.9 million for the love of the game. It is a business.

  • mpetr37349

    I’d be very surprised to seem him play 2 more years in the minors. I don’t think he’ll ever make the big leagues. I just can’t see him being a minor league ballplayer for 2 more years.