Wilmer Flores Named PCL Player of The Week

By Former Writers

July 7, 2014 1 Comment

Wilmer Flores

After being sent down to Triple-A Las Vegas after a stint in the majors that lacked consistent playing time, Wilmer Flores made his return to the PCL heard around the majors and minors.

Flores has been named the Pacific Coast League Player of The Week after tallying six homeruns, 13 hits and 16 RBI’s during that span. The 22-year old has played an assortment of infield positions since returning to the minors, splitting time between second, third and shortstop.

Flores’ offensive ability cannot be ignored and although he has yet to translate that ability to the majors, he is still very young and producing at an incredible level in Triple-A. Flores’ weakness stems from his lack of a true position and being moved around his entire career. His best fit might be third base which is obviously blocked by Captain Wright for the foreseeable future.

It will be interesting to see how the Mets handle Flores during the second-half of this season. Will they call him up and give him a more consistent role in the lineup at shortstop. Or perhaps a stop at second-base opens up before the trade deadine? We will see.


  • Nemo22

    That will earn him a bench spot right next to Collins the Imbecile where he will mentor Flores to be a great manager in the future.