Prospect Spotlight: Kevin Plawecki

By Christina Montana

August 30, 2013 3 Comments


Kevin Plawecki was drafted as the 35th pick in the 1st round of the 2012 draft, and most people didn’t hear much about him because they were all too busy being excited or hating the 12th pick by the Mets, Gavin Cecchini. What fans missed is exactly what Plawecki has showcased in his first full professional season in the minors.

He’s split time this year between Savannah and St. Lucie and is already playing the most amount of games he’s ever played in a single year, and he’ll continue to play the rest of the season, splitting time between catcher, 1st base, and DH to not completely wear him out.

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The above stats are Plawecki’s this year. He tore the cover off the ball in Savannah and started off just as hot in St. Lucie for an extended period of time. It wasn’t until recently that a slump crept up on him. No one should be alarmed by this, as I mentioned, Plawecki hasn’t ever needed to play more than 50 or so games in a season until now. One can expect him to start to slip off a little around this time of the year. But, if he’s going to be a .300 hitter over the span of 123 games (thus far) with eight total home runs and 78 RBIs—then he’s going to be flying through the minors if he keeps hitting like this.

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The above chart is Plawecki’s stats during his three years at Purdue. He’s an offensive minded catcher and knows how to get on base and drive in runs. While the numbers in his short minor league career thus far aren’t as robust as his college stats (which is to be expected when one is switching from aluminum bats to wood bats) he’s still hitting just fine.

Personally, I think we’ll see Plawecki as early as 2015. Whether he’ll be backing up Travis d’Arnaud or stealing the job from him, I’m not sure. I’d love it if they could co-exist because the offense they provide would be incredible, especially if Plawecki shows he can keep this up.

Since I vowed to be honest here, I’ll reveal my bias in that, I’m a huge fan of Plawecki. He’s one of those players that I honestly believe will succeed in the majors. He definitely has the ‘catcher’s build’ going for him and, from what I saw when I saw him play in Daytona, he can call a pretty good game. (He was catching Michael Fulmer that day—Fulmer was pretty wild, just returning from injury, so I can’t tell you how good Plawecki is at ‘framing’ pitches).

I’m almost positive we’ll see Plawecki promoted to Binghamton next year, which could only help his offensive production (as we’ve seen some great offensive years from Bingo players due to the coaching staff). If Plawecki does in Bingo what he did in Savannah, he’ll be in AAA in no time and just waiting to make his major league debut the following year (or in September).

But maybe I’m just being ridiculously optimistic.

  • kunym16

    I honestly feel that Plawecki will be the one catching for this team by 2015. I like d’Arnaud, but I would rather have Plawecki be the guy behind the plate. He’s durable (so far), he plays solid defense, good offensive player, and he doesn’t strike out. If d’Arnaud only does ok next season, I see him playing along side Plawecki, with d’Arnaud getting traded since he can bring in someone good in return

  • Hector

    I’m a huge Plaw fan….but I’m truly torn between him or TDA getting “the Nod”. Clearly TDA is going to have every advantage to hold the gig….he’s getting reps now in 2013. So he’s going to be the likely starter in 2014 and 2015. But….there’s a chance TDA doesn’t stick.

  • I’m a huge Plawecki fan. Kid’s definitely not strike out prone, makes contact, and I definitely believe he’ll continue to do so. Haven’t heard anything about him ever getting injured at any level (which is definitely a good sign). I wouldn’t mind Plawecki and TdA trading off every other game or whatever. Especially if Plawecki can carry over his hitting and lack-of-strikeouts to the big leagues.